Nothing suits a business meeting more than an appealing office this is where you make or break a business deal.At HomesNspaces we value this as a very important part of your life and that is why we make it a valuable space in this part of life.A good office is not only appealing to the managers but also it motivates the employees and shows eloquence and style.


After a long day at work or from your daily activities you want to get in touch with some peace, quiet and most importantly you want a cozy environment.Home is home and nothing beats home its the one place you get to unwind be it relaxing on holiday or from a long day.That is why it is important to have not only a relaxing environment but comfortable one.It’s thus HomesNspaces objective to make sure we reach this milestone.


Man is to perspective and good work is archived from the onset.Our design work is client driven,by bringing imagination and creativity to reality is HomesNspaces number one objective.Design concepts get combined from different sources and inspirations are drawn from anywhere and everywhere.


  • Meet & Concept
  • Set Budget
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Set up a meeting with homesnspaces or come to our offices.We conceptualize your idea and come up with a design based on different concept or from your point of view.At homesnspaces we will go through the different concepts that are available and find one that suits you best.We then come up with a rough draft of what you want.

Setting or coming up with a budget plan is one of the most important aspects of any project.This is because it determines what resources will be used and the capacity and time line that will be needed to complete the project.At homesnspaces budget setting is the most crucial part of our process as it helps us understand the capacity of our clients and gives us a perspective of how to move forward.Incase you experience any difficulty of coming up with a budget plan we will help you come up with one.

After coming up with a budget plan we move on tho this stage where we show case a clients ideas and perspective.The best way to view your project is to have a model or an aspect of it before it is created.This is best shown through 2d and 3d designs,they show the look and feel of how your project will look like upon completion.It is also the best time to make any adjustments to your project and make changes before the actual building and construction begins.

We are finally ready to get started.Once you approve of the plans, drwaings and designs and the budget is set, it is finally time that the tire meets the road.During building and installing the project is done systematically so as to ensure we capture the design aspect to its fullest.We keep you updated after every milestone is archived and slowly by slowly you project takes shape until it is finally completed.