Things That Take a Room from Good to Great

So what really makes a room great is it the color,the furniture,the decor or just simply the position or the room in the house.Maybe it has a balcony or a mini bar or you just love sleeping so the room will be great.Or it drowns the noise from outside so you don’t have to listen to everyone whining.Either way what makes a room go from good to great?

Let us look at this from different angles.


Some people love blue,others red or pink,yellow,purple or patterns.The color of the room can be great if it was properly painted.If the painter took into effect things like light or user of the room then color plays a very vital role.If the room belongs to a child then things like patterns of flowers or vectors make it more appropriate to that user.If the user of the room is an adult then some prefer simple plain while others want patterns it all depends on the user.

Wall Paper.

In some rooms people would prefer having a wall paper as opposed to painting it.Well one should understand that wall papers come in different designs.A wall paper just like paint can be changed from time to time the difference is that changing one or putting one up takes less time and effort as compared to having the entire room painted.


The furniture that is used in the room also has great effect on what and how the room will look like.From sitting furniture to shelves and cabinetry.