Machines commonly used in interior industry

Are there really any machine works that are needed in the interior industry?Well yes there are especially if your going to do any form of fabrication.In this topic we will look at some of the machines that are used in the interior manufacturing industry,but first let us look at what manufacturing in the interior industry entails.

When we talk about manufacturing in the interior industry some people tend to think that it is the  raw materials only but some of the furniture that we use have to be manufactured and it this machines that do such jobs that we will have a look at.We will cover manufacturing in broader detail later on.


Router is a simple hand held machine that easily draws patterns on any piece of wood or metal.However the type of wood and metal does depend as some routers cannot be used on certain materials.A router varies there are hand held routers and there are the more complex machine routers.


CNC or computer numeric controller is a machine that uses the computer to draw patterns on wood or metal.A cnc machine is guided by CAD(Computer Aided Design) to come up with its patterns.Now understand that a cnc machine uses two different software one is a design and optimization software and a milling software.The design and optimization software is where the actual design is done while optimizing the material being used.Once you are done with the design you then send the design to milling software which then will read it in machine language and do the design work.Now understand not all the cnc software works like this some use the design software to both the design and milling.

The cnc its self has different parts from the table where you lay the wood or metal to the arm used to cut out the design.The cnc machine also has an extractor which is to extract the waste as well as a cooling part to cool the machine during its process.

A cnc machine is good for coming up with 3d designs and works and produces some of the best works in patterns in interior design.

Vacuum Press/Press Machine.

A VC(Vacuum Press) machine is used to add different laminate(we will delve further into this on the finishes topic) finishes to wood to give it a diferent color and texture.