The Secrets to Pulling Off Simple, Minimal Design

Have ever wondered where the cool designs you see come from, or how did the designer come up with such marvelous work.Well today we look at simple steps of how to come up with designs that will wow your client and any audience for hat matter and how best to present it.


Find inspiration from anywhere be it in other peoples work or in nature.Inspiration plays a very critical role in design as it is able to bring out one of the most fantastic designs ever archived.Inspiration is what motivates you as a designer and keeps you going.Without it you can never get through design work.How you start and how you finish all depends on what really inspired you.

Other Works.

Look at other works how other people have been doing and how they archive their designs.It is very important to especially learn from the past and look at how other people and you as an individual have been doing  designs.Works especially from past designers to more current designers play an important role to how a designer thinks, this is because in design work you have to find the art in it, and in any art work the past and present always look to the future.

Remember its art.

Just like writing a book or drawing a picture, design is art and you should never underestimate the power of perception in pictures.Art is what made people marvel at power of imagination and is saw some of the greatest structures built from.

Have fun.

Always have fun when doing any design work,after all what better way to inspire your audience other than showing your fun side and if your not having fun with what your doing then don’t do it.And remember design is an extension of your personality.